Pane DR by Fuller Brush, Original Window Cleaning Kit


How It Works

Pane DR has dozens of tiny squeegees that loosen, lift, and lock in dirt and grime for a streak free finish. All you need is a little water and Pane DR does the rest! There is no need for harmful chemicals just add H2O.

Pane DR is handy and easy to use. Comes with a microfiber and scrubber pad to power through hard water stains & soap scum on tile & shower doors. The built in squeegee will give you that spot and streak free shine. Use outdoors on car windshields, headlights, and more!

Pane DR can handle any job indoors or outdoors. Quickly tackle those dirty windows, grimy bathroom tiles, or shower doors. Or take the Pane DR outdoors to clean dirty windshields, headlights, camper windows, and more!

Features & details
Pane DR cleans Streak-Free, Spot-Free, Chemical Free Windows, Mirrors, Glass Shower Doors, Tile, Windshields & More!
Miracle Microfiber Pad- lets you lift, loosen, & lock in dirt & grime & machine washable too!
Miracle Scrubber Pad-to power through those hard water stains & soap scum.
Built-in Squeegee-for that streak free shine. 360° Swivel Handle-wedge- shaped design allows you to clean everywhere easy and fast!
Plus, you get a set of 2 Attachable Cleaning Pads, enough to handle all your windowing cleaning jobs indoors and outdoors.



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